Friday 26 September 2014

Today's Review: Haribo Jogi-Bussi

Yes, it's time for another pack of Haribo, and this time we have the Jogi-Bussi, or as the packet so helpfully translates for me, yoghurt gums. These ones intrigued me, as I always enjoy sweets with a sort of dairy twist to them, like milkshake flavours, or indeed yoghurt inspired sweets that give a lighter, smoother flavour. What I wasn't quite expecting was sweets with yoghurt inside them.

Yes, these Jogi-Bussi consist of a gummy exterior with a foam base, but inside is a layer of yoghurt that lends some more flavour to the experience. It's hard to say what the flavours are meant to be exactly, seeing as there are three colours and a cornucopia of fruit displayed on the pack, but it seems the green corresponds to apple, orange to and apricot/orange concoction, while red has an air of berries. I think what throws it off a bit is the yoghurt. Obviously it's not the kind you buy and stick in your fridge, otherwise these sweets wouldn't last very long. Instead it's quite a thick, almost sickly mixture, that overwhelms the senses rather than giving an identifiable flavour. The gummy and foamy parts are good, but the interior just left me feeling a little disappointed. Certainly an edible variety of Haribo, but I think that sticking yoghurt inside was not the best move.

My rating: 2/5

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