Tuesday 23 September 2014

Today's Review: Abba Zaba

Taffy is not an item you see much of in this country, so I'm always happy to pick some up and sink my teeth into it. My recent trip to Cyber Candy rewarded me with this interesting taffy bar, which boasts a peanut butter centre. Bit of an odd combination, but I like taffy and I like peanut butter, so what could go wrong?

The bar itself is pretty big, a nice thick block of taffy. It's soft, chewy, and lasts a good long time, with a smooth sweet taste. Every bite has some peanut butter swirled in too, and while it's definitely not winning out over the flavour of the taffy itself, it does lend a nice hint of flavour throughout. Although the balance of taffy and peanut butter could be a little better, I was actually surprised at how well the two went together. Apparently everything is better with peanut butter, and while this bar isn't perfect, it's a must try for lovers of peanut butter.

My rating: 4/5

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