Saturday 26 December 2015

Today's Review: Candy Kitten Sour Grape Candy

I don't have allergies, nor am I gluten free or vegan. But I've always had my eye on these Candy Kitten sweets, they look pretty tasty, but their gluten free nature is reflected in their price. Thankfully I found this bag for a pound the other day, so I took the plunge and picked up the sour grape flavour.

These may be gluten free, but they do have a lot of gelatin, so disregard my vegan statement. These do have a bit of a fruity flavour to start with, and it's a little bit fruity, but since there's no actual grape in the ingredients it's certainly not an authentic flavour. Not that it matters too much, it quickly fades, and turns into simply a chewy, not particularly nice sweet. For some reason I feel like I can taste the beef gelatin, the flavour seems to be much like a barn at a farm smells like. Probably not the actual case, but if you can't tell it means I certainly didn't like these. I think I'll stick with the regular sweet from now on.

My rating: 1/5

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