Wednesday 9 December 2015

Today's Review: The Original Crispy Candy Co. Double Decker Donut & Milkybar Hot Chocolate

It's been two long years since I last visited The Original Crispy Candy Co., and I just couldn't stand it any more. So on my latest trip to London I took a detour to Camden to hunt down some deep fried treats once again. They've moved across the river since my last visit, but the distinct pink panelling caught my eye, and I was ready for everything they had.

The main draw of Crispy Candy is of course the fried candy bars, or "Candy Bar Donuts". It's a pretty accurate description, it's just a matter of choosing which candy bar you want battered and dunked. One of the new addition in the last couple of years is a Double Decker, and since I love the chocolate bar I couldn't resist a deep fried one. 

Pure, hot, melted goodness. As much as I love a Double Decker, the nougat can be a little too chewy sometimes. Thankfully, the frying process eliminates that, as it all melts into a wonderful creamy, chocolatey goop that's packed full of flavour. The chewy pieces remain the same texture though, and add a satisfying crunch. This is, of course, all wrapped up in the unique buttermilk coating, a soft, crunchy delicious batter with a nice sugary dusting on top. This bar certainly didn't last long, and it's one I'll definitely be buying again (once I've exhausted all the other options of course). But wait! There's more.

There's not much better on a cold winter's day than a nice cup of hot chocolate, and you can get one made with a choice of six candy bars. I went for the Milkybar, because a white hot chocolate is still something of a rare occurrence. I'm pleased I did, because the result is spectacular. It's smooth, creamy and nicely filling, a very satisfying drink that tastes just like a Milkybar, with the added bonus of warming you up at the same time. These hot chocolate are a great addition to the menu alongside the pre-existing milkshakes.

The Original Crispy Candy is going on stronger than ever, so get yourself down there for some hot, chocolatey goodness. I know I'll be going there again sooner rather than later.

My rating: 5/5

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