Sunday 20 December 2015

Today's Review: Gü Velvety Belgian Chocolate

I reviewed two of these Gü chocolate cartons late last year, and found them extremely enjoyable. Winter has rolled around again, and it's the kind of weather that calls for hot chocolate, so I was delighted to see this variety that I certainly didn't find last year, it's a Belgian chocolate that you can enjoy either hot or cold. 

Well, I only had it hot, perhaps I'll buy some in the summer for cold drinking purposes, but I couldn't resist popping this in the microwave. The preparation is the same as the other flavours, you just pour it in a cup and nuke it for a minute or two. The result is a lovely smooth chocolate drink, very rich but with enough of a creamy texture for it not to get overly sickly after one cup. The flavour is similar to that of Häagen-Dazs Belgian Chocolate ice cream, and that's only a good thing. From what I recall this chocolate is a little thicker than the regular variety, but it's definitely tasty and it didn't last long once I'd started drinking. This is another delicious addition to an already awesome range, so pick one up if you fancy a great hot chocolate at home with none of the fuss.

My rating: 5/5

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