Monday 28 December 2015

Today's Review: Sweet Sounds Fizz Bombs

Christmas is over, as well as the weekend, so the shops are open like normal again (except for the end of this week of course). So I popped into Poundland today on the hunt for something interesting. Sadly, there wasn't much on offer, but my eye was certainly drawn to this vibrant boombox style box of sweets. These are Sweet Sounds, and apparently they are fruit flavoured fizz bombs. The music references are certainly piled on heavily on the exterior, with the repeating catchphrase "Turn Up The Fizz", but in reality I fail to see are related to audio in any way.

These sweets come in five flavours. Well, I use the word "flavours" loosely, as these are nothing but sugar, acid, flavourings and colours, so I'll say these come in green, yellow, orange, red and blue flavours. To be fair, that's exactly what they taste like. The sweet itself is a relatively inoffensive offering, clearly not the best quality you'd find, but pretty much your run of the mill boiled sweet. Fruity tasting, yes, but clearly not authentic. The kicker in these is the "fizz", which consists of a sherbet coating that adds a nice amount of fizziness when you first pop it in your mouth. It is gone a little too soon, but thankfully there's some more at the centre that rounds it off nicely. The sherbet is a nice touch, it elevates these from boring boiled sweets to something pretty nice. Certainly not great, I've popped a few in my mouth while writing this review and I can already feel the scratchiness on my tongue, but they're good enough for a hit of something sweet.

My rating: 3/5

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