Sunday 27 December 2015

Today's Review: Flaming Grill Pubs' Chilli Brownie

Desserts nowadays may be all about salted caramel and peanut butter, but haven't you ever just had a hankering for a spicy pudding? Flaming Grill has you covered, because now you can stuff your face with this chilli brownie. It consists of a chilli and chocolate brownie with chocolate sauce and raspberry coulis, topped off with a chilli flavoured ice cream. 

Sounds like a lot of chilli, right? Well, it's not bad actually. The brownie is nice and moist, and also fairly filling. It has a lovely dark chocolate flavour, with a fair amount of chilli that does overwhelm at some points, but the chocolate does a good job of balancing it out. The sauces add some more sweetness, although they are quite rich. The ice cream is probably the most interesting element, providing some more spice but also a nice cooling sensation, and it works quite well alleviating some of the heaviness of the brownie. All in all it's a nice dessert, but it is a little imbalanced, relying more on the chilli than it probably should. Swap the ice cream for plain vanilla, and hold back on the sauces, and this could be a lot better. As it is, it's just a little too spicy and rich. Definitely an interesting alternative to your regular dessert though.

My rating: 3/5

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