Friday 14 April 2017

Today's Review: Chewits Wands

Here's a quick one, I picked up these Chewits Wands in a pound shop earlier. I didn't need much persuading with these ones, the classic Chewits are great, with several awesome flavours, and pencils are one of my favourite kinds of sweets. So a combination seemed too good to pass up. Unfortunately, in practice, they're not particularly great. There's something of a fruity hint to these, but I couldn't really tell if it was just in the filling, or the outer layer. It didn't last too long, so the outside bit was a bit bland and rubbery. The middle is your standard pencil filling, but it's a little gritty. So on the whole, not a great attempt at pencil sweets, they're mildly fruity but nothing to write home about, there are better ones out there.

My rating: 2/5

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