Wednesday 5 April 2017

Today's Review: Liptov Hravé Parenicky

Here's another treat I received in my package from Halusky, the Czech and Slovak food store. This one is cheesy, which is something I always welcome. This is an interesting one, they're cheese snacks, but in a spiral shape. Of course, the words on the pack are all foreign to me, so I let Google Translate do the talking:

"New modern offer Liptov cheese playful shapes is perfect for family meeting, party or small bite when you get a craving for something small"

I guess we're some way from universally understanding languages. But what I can glean from this is that these cheese spirals are "playful", indeed it seems like "Hravé" translates to that, so it's right there in the title. I wouldn't say these are particularly playful, but I will say that they are like the offspring of a Cheesestring and a Fruit Winder. The cheese is our regular processed stuff, there's not a whole lot of flavour there, but the added smokiness does go some way to making it better. The texture is fairly rubbery, I'd say slightly more than a Cheesestring. There is a fair amount of it though, so there's quite a bit to unwind. As a cheese snack, it's not fantastic, but it'll do. Alright for a cheese fix, or something a bit different. 

My rating: 3/5

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