Monday 10 April 2017

Today's Review: Müller Corner Goes Nuts!

How nuts is this? Oh no, the nut puns have started already. Yes, this is a decidedly nutty variety of Müller Corner, and it definitely grabbed my attention. Not only does it feature caramelised almonds in the corner part, but the yoghurt is pistachio flavour. What more could you want? 

This is one nutty yoghurt, I'll say that right away. The yoghurt has a pretty fantastic flavour, a smooth, inoffensive taste that's definitely reminiscent of pistachio. It works really well with that classic Müller creaminess, and it's all accentuated when you factor in the almonds. The chunks aren't particularly sizeable, but they're plentiful, and they're sweet and nutty, providing a great crunch and a burst of flavour. It all combines to make one spectacularly nutty yoghurt that's, quite frankly, delicious. One for all you nut nuts out there.

My rating: 5/5

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