Wednesday 12 April 2017

Today's Review: Galaxy Swirlers Shortbread Crunch

With all the Dairy Milk releases that pop up throughout the year, it's something of a special occasion when a new Galaxy variety comes along. These are Swirlers, which has a nice big serving suggestion right there on the packet. Basically, it's a decently sized Galaxy bar that's segmented into fingers, which are tailored for dipping into the beverage of your choice, and not just dipping, swirling. This bar comes in caramel crunch or shortbread crunch flavours.

It would be remiss of me not to eat this bar in the way it was intended, so I brewed myself a latte and went to town. In essence, this is the same old Galaxy chocolate, but in stick form. It's fantastic creamy chocolate, and swirling it in a hot drink makes it a lovely warm, gooey experience. The shortbread embedded throughout is something of a nice touch, it doesn't particularly add a lot of flavour, but it provides a good texture. I also think it's key to holding the bar together, as I didn't experience any chocolate falling into my mug, and I think the biscuit goes some way to providing support. Once the chocolate has melted a bit, the shortbread is more noticeable and satisfying, so I think it's best to swirl these before stuffing them in your mouth. The packet tells you to share, but I found it extremely hard to do that. This is a pretty neat idea for a new bar, and it's pulled off pretty well. I can't say I've dunked my chocolate in a latte before, but it's a good way to eat.

My rating: 4/5

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