Sunday 16 April 2017

Today's Review: Tyrrell's Cheese & Pickled Onion Furrows

Merry Easter, everyone! I hope you're all enjoying shoving chocolate in your faces. I know I am. I know chocolate is a fitting treat for any special occasion, but it especially is on Easter, so in keeping with the theme, I'm going to review these cheesy crisps.

Cheese & onion is probably my least favourite flavour of crisps, ever. If someone tells me they're a fan, I sincerely question their belief system. That being said, I figured I'd give these a go, since the onion is pickled, and I thought that might make a difference. Turns out, it does. These crisps are good. Not perfect, but definitely something different and tasty. The cheese is an ever present undertone, not too powerful, just undeniably cheesy and tasty. The onion, which normally makes me want to chuck the packet in the bin, has a great sweet edge that really gives these a good flavour. There's still some of that regular old cheese & onion flavouring that comes through a little, but on the whole these taste pretty great, and the furrowed nature of the crisps allows for a lot more flavour. These are definitely the best cheese & onion crisps I've tried. I'd still choose other flavours over these, but they're worth a try.

My rating: 4/5

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