Monday 2 November 2015

Today's Review: Arizona Iced Tea With Lemon

Arizona Iced Tea is one of those products I've heard Americans casually mention on TV, like it's some well established, tasty tradition. Well, I've finally found some bottles on our shores, and I figured I'd start off with a nice simple lemon one. I'm a sucker for iced tea, so I was definitely looking forward to this one. What I got was a pretty damn good lemon iced tea. There's not much to it exactly, it's tea with lemon, but it does it well. The tea is refreshing, and doesn't dry out the mouth as much as other iced teas I've tried, while the lemon flavour is quite authentic, although it's a little imbalanced, I found myself tasting quite a bit more tea than lemon. I can't hold that against it too much, perhaps it's just my personal tastes hoping for more citrus, this is still a pretty good drink, and one I picked up for under a pound. This is well worth seeking out.

My rating: 4/5

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