Thursday 19 November 2015

Today's Review: Butterkist Discoveries Hickory BBQ Pulled Pork Popcorn

Savoury popcorn has become a mighty big thing in recent years, and while I haven't noticed too many popping up very recently, I was happy to see Butterkist have brought out some interesting new flavours under the Discoveries brand. There's a salted caramel flavour, piggybacking on another foodie trend, a sweet chilli and lime, and probably the most interesting, this pulled pork popcorn. Yeah, pulled pork popcorn. Why hasn't anyone thought of this before? Probably because it sounds like madness. This popcorn has been around for a little while I think, but I finally managed to grab a bag in my local Tesco, and grab it I did.

Unlike a lot of people who sneer in disgust when I offer them savoury popcorn, I absolutely love the stuff, the more weird flavours the better as far as I'm concerned. So perhaps I was more biased towards liking this stuff from the start, but oh my, this popcorn is good. It's at once sweet and a little salty, playing with the classic popcorn seasonings. The main flavour is a lovely smoky BBQ taste with a very nice meaty hint. I may not be a fan of meaty crisps, but it certainly works here in popcorn form. Each kernel is crunchy and full of flavour, as you can expect from Butterkist, and really there's not a whole lot more to say. This is some damn good popcorn that tastes a hell of a lot like BBQ pulled pork. If it sounds like your thing you've probably already grabbed a bag. If it's not, pick one up anyway, you may be pleasantly surprised.

My rating: 5/5

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