Saturday 14 November 2015

Today's Review: Tesco Finest Prosecco & Elderberry Crisps

The festive Tesco Finest crisp flavours have arrived, and while there are a few that have returned from previous years, this variety is certainly one I've not seen before. Everyone loves a glass of wine at Christmas, so Tesco have decided to encapsulate that experience in crisp form, for some reason. Well, they've pulled off other interesting food combinations, so I figured these were worth a try.

These crisps are describes as having the "festive fizz of Prosecco", and they're certainly right. The first thing I noticed when I popped one in my mouth was a massive hit of fizz on my tongue. I wasn't quite expecting it, and it certainly wasn't all that pleasant. Once it subsided it was somewhat bearable, and the actual flavour of the crisps came through. They certainly taste a bit like Prosecco, and there is a fruity tone of elderberry, with a slight tang that blends in somewhat well with the Prosecco flavour. So yes, these crisps taste somewhat authentic, but the question is do we really want Prosecco flavoured crisps? The flavours don't work all that well with the texture of the crisps themselves, and despite enjoying the taste a little more once the fizziness subsided, every few crisps I was once again greeted with a quite unpleasant amount of fizz that really put me off eating more. These crisps are an interesting idea, and they don't taste truly awful. I just can't get on board with fizzy crisps. I think I'll be buying the more meaty flavours from now on.

My rating: 2/5

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