Friday 6 November 2015

Today's Review: Hostess Chocolate Twinkies

Everyone loves a Twinkie. Oh no, wait, everyone loves a Slinky. Well, apparently everyone loves a Twinkie too, Americans seem to go crazy for them. I've tried the regular Twinkies before, and I can't say I enjoy them all that much. The sponge tastes a bit funny and the cream leaves a lot to be desired. I figured the chocolate variety would fare better though, so I snapped up this box for a mere £3. Lucky me.

Well, I was right, to an extent. The cream inside is a marked improvement on the original in my opinion. It's nice and smooth, with a light chocolate taste. As for the sponge, I still can't quite get along with it. It's soft enough, but it does have a funny taste to it, almost acidic like in places. Perhaps my taste buds are a little out of whack, but for something the Amerixans go crazy for, they're pretty average to me. But hey, they like Hershey's too and that tastes like sick to me. Maybe America and I don't get along so well after all. 

My rating: 3/5

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