Sunday 15 November 2015

Today's Review: Surf & Comfort Limited Edition Mistletoe Fragrances

I was recently sent this limited edition Surf and Comfort duo, a detergent and fabric softener that incorporate mistletoe just in time for the festive season. Limited edition fragrances are a pretty good idea, they use them in candles all the time, so why not with liquid detergents? Mistletoe is certainly fitting with winter, and it's combined with winter violet for the Surf detergent, and crocus for the Comfort conditioner.

I must say I had no idea what mistletoe smells like, and after some very superficial research on Google I've found that it doesn't really smell much like anything. There are a lot of mistletoe scented products out there though, and apparently a lot of them incorporate pine and winter berries to create a unique scent, and these detergents certainly have a distinct smell. They both have flowery tones, and a fresh hint of pine, and both smell quite different from each other due to the added scents. The Surf has a more aromatic smell with the addition of the winter violet, while the Comfort is more mellow due to the sweet crocus. The "mistletoe" smell is at the forefront of each though, and it definitely is a unique scent, though it is a little too woody and aromatic. They still smell good though, and the proof is in the washing. I always tend to use Surf and Comfort, they make clothes fresh and soft, and the ones I washed with these scents are no different. If you're looking for something different to pop in your washing machine this festive season, then these are worth picking up before they come off the shelves at the beginning of February.

My rating: 4/5

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