Monday 16 November 2015

Today's Review: J2O Midnight Amber & Midnight Forest

I was recently sent a sample of not one, but two new J2O flavours that are being released just in time for winter. These are Midnight Forest and Midnight Amber, created to symbolise the moment that one day ends and the other begins. Midnight Forest has a "mischievous" nature, with a flavour of orange, cherry and a hint of chocolate, while the Midnight Amber has a lighter mix of orange, mandarin and lemon.

Let's start off with the Midnight Forest. I wasn't sure how it would work out, the chocolate element put me off a little, after all, I've tried chocolate soda before and hated it. But this drink has turned out pretty well. The main mixture of orange and cherry tastes pretty authentic, perhaps a little too heavy on the orange, but both fruits are noticeable. The chocolate is a very subtle addition to the mix, a definite undertone that blends in pretty well with the fruity flavours and gives the drink a darker edge. It's a little heavy on the citrus, but still a pretty tasty beverage.

The Midnight Amber flavour is a much lighter experience. The orange and mandarin are refreshing and bold, a great fruity hit that makes for a refreshing drink. The lemon juice mixed in provides a nice tangy layer, but it does end up a little bit tart, although there's also a hint of spice that helps round the flavour out. Overall, it's a light, tasty J2O that's well worth trying out. Both these flavours are nice additions to the range, and make for a nice seasonal drink that doesn't rely too heavily on the regular Christmas staples. Grab some while you can.

My rating: 4/5

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