Saturday 7 November 2015

Today's Review: Chocologic No Added Sugar Chocolate Bars

Chocolate is great, but sugar is not. So wouldn't it be nice to get hold of a chocolate bar with less sugar? There have been a couple of no added sugar bars around in the past, but now there's a whole range being launched under the Chocologic brand, and I was sent a few bars to try out. This chocolate is sweetened with Stevia, the wonder sweetener that has been popping up over the past few years.

I'm all for less sugar, I cut out carbs for several months a couple of years ago and lost a hell of a lot of weight. There were chocolate cravings though, and these bars would certainly have come in handy. The milk chocolate contains only 33.7g of carbs per 100g, of which 20.9g are sugars. That's compared to 56g of carbs in Dairy Milk, all of which is sugar. The dark chocolate is even better, boasting 18.7g of carbs in 100g, of which only 3.2g are sugars. So the numbers add up, but I guess it doesn't matter much if the taste isn't up to scratch, right?

Let's start out with the milk chocolate. It's certainly not bad. It taste like chocolate, albeit slightly cheap chocolate. It reminds me of the stuff you'd find in your average advent calendar, certainly edible, but not really a match for the big shot chocolate guys. Still, for the amount of sugars that have been replaced with Stevia, it tastes pretty decent. 

The dark chocolate is a lot better in my opinion, which is strange as I don't normally like dark chocolate, it's often a little too bitter for me. This dark chocolate bar is certainly dark, but it has an undeniable sweetness that certainly doesn't ruin the flavour. Sure, the Stevia makes it quite a bit sweeter than most dark chocolate is, but it still makes for a good bar. This is definitely a bar that would help you out during your no carb diet cravings, a tasty bar that has a very small amount of sugar in it.

Finally, I tried the milk chocolate with hazelnut, and that is definitely a winner. While I wasn't too much of a fan of the milk chocolate on its own, the combination with hazelnut really seems to bring the quality up. It's a nice, sweet bar with a lovely nutty texture. The nut pieces are nice and small, so it really all blends in to give a uniform overall flavour, without adding in a load more carbs.

Chocologic is a brand that shows a lot of promise. These bars are pretty good efforts at delivering treats that are low in carbs. Some are better than others, but if I were to go the low carb route again I'd certainly stock up on these for when the cravings kick in. These bars will be hitting the shelves this month, as well as some Belgian chocolate seashells, and a Neopolitan assortment featuring a white chocolate. I'll definitely be looking out for those.

My rating: 4/5


  1. Apart from the stevia do they use anything else to sweeten these? I'm curious where the carbs are coming from, just the cocoa and milk?

    I'm doing low carb right now and stuck with the bitter 100% dark chocolates if I get cravings...sounds like Chocologic might be more palatable.

    1. There was another sweetener in there, can't quite remember what it was though. I definitely would have appreciated these bars during my no carb kick.

  2. I ate the whole of the hazelnut one in one go the other night, it was so nice!

  3. Erythritol, inulin and oligosaccharides will also contribute to sweetness to varying extents.

    As another low carber I would typically eat 82 or 85% cocoa solids but these are a nice alternative.