Saturday 23 April 2016

Today's Review: 100 Grand

I'd never heard of a 100 Grand bar, but seeing this six pack in B&M for just 99p, it was hard to say no. It's a Nestlé bar, so I was sure it was gonna be good, and while it's nothing adventurous, it promises a combination of chocolate, caramel and crispy pieces.

Sound familiar? Yeah, it's pretty similar to a Toffee Crisp. The chocolate is a good quality, much like the chocolate in a Kit Kat or Toffee Crisp, and the crispy pieces provide a satisfying crunch. The difference between this and a Toffee Crisp is the 100 Grand seems to have quite a bit more caramel, and while it is lighter tasting, the balance of ingredients seems a little off, and it's a little too sweet. Perhaps it could have done with some more crispy pieces, but even with the abundance of caramel this is still a good bar. The ones in this six pack are pretty small, but I suppose you can always do two at a time. Or six at a time. Yeah, that's the way to eat them.

My rating: 4/5

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