Tuesday 12 April 2016

Today's Review: Lusette Wafers

I was recently contacted by Halusky, an importer of Czech and Slovak foods, who are going to be releasing Lusette, a range of chocolate wafer products, in the UK. They sent me a few samples to try out, and I can't say no to chocolate, so here's the selection I received:

Now, chocolate wafers aren't a new thing by any means, but with the recent alteration to the classic Time Out recipe by Cadbury, I figure a little more variety in the market would be a good thing, especially with different flavours like these, from chocolate to nougat. I figured the milk would be the best one to start off with, and it's pretty good for reference, to see what the cross section looks like:

There's definitely a nice thick couple of layers of filling in there, a few wafers, and a generous covering of chocolate. It all comes together pretty nicely, the wafer has a nice crunch to it, the milk filling is smooth and creamy, and the chocolate is pretty damn good too, it doesn't taste like cheap stuff. For some reason I wasn't expecting these wafers to be substantial because, well, they're wafers, but there's a lot of stuff packed in here and overall it was pretty filling.

The other ones were good too. The "Platinum" had nut pieces strewn throughout that gave a nice authentic bit of flavour, while the nougat had a filling similar to the milk variety, but with a slight, satisfying chewiness to it, definitely reminiscent of a good old fashioned bar of nougat. The chocolate one may be my favourite, the filling is a generous heap of chocolate goodness, it seems thicker in consistency to the stuff on the outside, and at times it reminded me of chocolate cake. 

I can't really fault these wafers. They have great fillings, a nice coating of chocolate, and the wafers themselves are crunchy and tasty. They'd be a great replacement for those who have been let down by the changing Time Out recipe, and for everyone else they still make for a good snack. I'll be sure to update this review when you can get hold of these, but for now keep your eyes on the Halusky website, just a brief look through there has made me want to make an order. Halusky have also provided me with a nice little survey for you guys to fill out if you're willing, so check the link here if you fancy giving that a go, apparently there may be a gift hamper of their products in it for you. Let's just hope it contains some Lusette wafers, 'cause they are good.

My rating: 5/5

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