Saturday 16 April 2016

Today's Review: Costa Chocolate Bundt Cake

I went for a Costa yesterday evening, and while normally I'm more of a coffee-to-go kind of guy, on this occasion I was sitting down, and since I hadn't eaten dessert I went ahead and ordered some cake. I don't normally do that, I find the prices a little too much, especially with the tacked on charge that comes from eating the thing in store. I assume it's a washing up charge, water and soap is mightily expensive.

Anyway, there were many lovely looking cakes on offer, but my eyes are naturally drawn to the words "new" or "limited edition", so I found myself fixating on this chocolate Bundt cake. Who am I kidding, I normally fixate on chocolate cake. It's a fairly simple offering, it's a chocolate cake with chocolate icing, in a Bundt cake shape. True to its word, it is very chocolatey. The cake itself has a very good flavour, nice and sweet with a little hint of dark, it's not too sickly but it did fill me up. The only problem was it was a little dry, and as a result it was a bit crumbly, and not quite as satisfying to eat as it could have been. The ganache on the outside is... alright. Unlike the cake it is pretty sickly, it's quite gooey and very sweet, and the after taste wasn't all that pleasant, it's just a little too much. 

This isn't a bad piece of cake, but it's not great either. Each part has its own problems, and it all adds up to just an adequate offering really. Hopefully the next cake I buy at Costa will be better, though it may be a while before I do.

My rating: 3/5

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