Thursday 14 April 2016

Today's Review: McVitie's Trio

Trio bars haven't been around for a while, or so the internet is telling me. I probably ate some when they were out 13 years ago, but I didn't have my review cap on then so I probably didn't notice it. That doesn't bode particularly well, as I always missed Nerds and Wispas when they went away, but maybe I just wasn't as immersed in Trio madness as others. But anyway, they're back, and I picked some up. I assumed they're called Trio because there are three elements: Biscuit, toffee cream and chocolate. Or maybe they're called Trio because the bar is split into three sections. Or maybe both.

A lot of snacks these days are getting more outrageous with their ingredients and combinations, so it's nice to see this bar hark back to a simpler time. It's just toffee, chocolate and biscuit, and it's nice. They're made by McVitie's, so you know the biscuit is good. It's crumbly but has a good initial crunch to it, and it works well with the chocolate coating, which is nice and thick. The toffee is the main draw here, and it's a very sweet cream with a bold flavour. The only thing is there's a little too much of it in comparison to the other elements, and it ends up being the predominant flavour in the bar as a whole. As nice as the biscuit was, it was hard to detect most of the way through. So while this is a good toffee biscuit bar, it's heavy on the toffee. Not a major problem, but it keeps it from being perfect. These are still worth trying out while they're around though, especially if you have fond memories of what used to be.

My rating: 4/5

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