Thursday 28 April 2016

Today's Review: Nesquik Chocolate Milk Slice

I've had my eye on these Nesquik milk slices for a little while now, I've never been too willing to bite, because while they look nice in theory, I wasn't sure how good they'd actually be. I finally caved in yesterday when I spied this chocolate flavour, in contrast to the regular milk variety. Chocolate makes everything better, and since this was double the chocolate, I figured I'd give it a go.

These milk slices are basically two slabs of chocolate sponge cake with a chocolate, milky filling in between. As I said, it sounds good in the description, but in practice I can't say I was overly impressed. The sponge is fine, I suppose, it's a little soggy what with the filling in between, but still manages to be a little stodgy. It has a nice enough chocolate taste, but I wouldn't call it a nice sponge. The filling isn't anywhere near as substantial as the picture on the front promises, it's a somewhat lacklustre helping of milky stuff. Again, it's not bad, but it's nothing too special, and there wasn't really enough of it to wow me. Overall, these milk slices are pretty disappointing. They consist of a couple of promising elements, but they don't really deliver on either front. These will probably do well as a quick snack for the kids, but they're probably not going to reach the top lists of favourite desserts anytime soon.

My rating: 2/5

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  1. 4 pack purchased today from Asda very disappointe1pct totally empty😥