Tuesday 5 April 2016

Today's Review: Innocent Bubbles Tropical

I know Innocent is a nice, natural brand, but I don't really drink smoothies so I often skip over their products, even when they're wearing cute woolly hats. Their Juicy Water is pretty good though, and this new Bubbles can seems to be an extension of that. It's like Juicy Water, but fizzy.

This can of Bubbles is comprised of spring water and fruit juices, simple but effective. While the 40% spring water is noticeable in the slightly watered down taste, this is still a nice drink. The juices included are orange, grape and pineapple, so it's not exactly overwhelmingly tropical, but at least I could tell the flavours apart. It's clean and crisp, and the lack of artificial flavourings means I was presented with a bold pineapple taste with a lovely citrus undertone. It's not as pronounced as a pure juice would be, obviously, but this is a refreshing drink that keeps it all natural. I'll be sure to check out other varieties.

My rating: 4/5

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