Friday 29 April 2016

Today's Review: Magnum Double Chocolate Bar

Hot on the tail of the new Magnum Double range are some new Magnum chocolate bars. I didn't even know these existed until Amy posted some reviews over the last week or so, but I knew I had to track them down as soon as possible. Thankfully I was able to pop into my local B&M today, and lo and behold, Magum goodness awaited me. Here's the double chocolate version, which boasts milk and dark chocolate with cocoa nibs, covering a chocolate filling with butterscotch and crunchy pieces. Sounded good enough to me.

Look at that cross section, it's certainly very chocolatey, and that's reflected in the taste as well. The chocolate on the outside is much like that on a Magnum ice cream, thick layers of nice creamy chocolate, and the mix of milk and dark provides a great mix of sweet and bitter. The inside is lovely and soft, the difference in texture is almost similar to that of the ice cream, that's how smooth and creamy the inside tastes. It's also packed with a lot of chocolate flavour, but also has a hint of chewiness provided by the butterscotch pieces, and a satisfying crunch is provided by the nibs and crunchy pieces inside. This bar is all about the chocolate, and it delivers in many ways. I figured it would be very sickly, but I finished the bar off with no problems. I think its relatively small size works in its favour, any bigger and it may have been too much, but as it is this bar is an indulgent, tasty chocolate offering that very nicely represents the classic ice cream. Let's hope the trend continues with the double peanut butter bar.

My rating: 5/5

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