Saturday 9 April 2016

Today's Review: Cookies & Cream Pocky

I've loved Pocky ever since the first moment I picked some up from an import shop many years ago. I love it so much, I've still yet to try the UK version Mikado, because I'm convinced it must be inferior to the real thing. I stumbled upon this box of cookies and cream flavoured Pocky the other day, and couldn't help but snatch it up. Pocky mixed with Oreo style goodness? What could wrong? 

This is as good as Pocky always is, a lovely crunchy pretzel stick with a generous coating. It says cookies and cream on the box, and the cream is definitely present. It's a nice milky offering , satisfyingly creamy and very sweet. It is perhaps a little too sweet, but since the sticks are so small it doesn't ruin the experience. The cream element is a little over represented, the cookie is slightly noticeable, but the fact that there's no cookie in the ingredients makes sense. There is 1% of cocoa that gives a surprisingly chocolatey taste, so overall this Pocky is pretty damn good. Could do with a bit more balance, but I wouldn't mind grabbing another box of these.

My rating: 4/5

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