Monday 30 December 2013

Today's Review: Chokablok Cracking Christmas Pud

Christmas is over, and that means anything Christmas related is fast going out of style, and is being reduced all over the place in order to make shelf space for Easter. This works out well for me, because now I can try a couple of Christmas snack items that I couldn't justify paying full price for, like this Chokablok Christmas pudding chocolate tree.

That's right, Christmas pudding flavour chocolate. It was appealing to me from the moment I saw it, but now it's at a very reasonable £1.50, so I just had to give it a go before they're all gone. The bar itself is very well presented, like all the Chokablok bars. It's tree shaped, obviously, but has a lovely dark chocolate swirl running through it, with some lovely gold wafer sprinkled on top, amongst a generous smattering of raisins. You can't have Christmas pudding without raisins. 

But how does it taste? Well, odd really. The tree is certainly thicker than it looked, so the packet provides quite a lot of chocolate for your buck, and it actually doesn't taste that bad. The chocolate is smooth and creamy, but certainly has the distinct taste of the spices you'd find in a Christmas pudding. The raisins lend to the flavour pretty well, and while I certainly enjoyed the flavour throughout the entire bar, it was a little odd. There's just something about Christmas pudding and chocolate that didn't seem right, but this bar is quite tasty considering. If you can pick one up before they're all cleared out, this bar is certainly worth a try. If not, hopefully they'll be around again next year.

My rating: 4/5

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