Friday 13 December 2013

Today's Review: Almondy Almond Cake With Toblerone

I do enjoy a bit of Toblerone. I don't buy it often, but when I receive some as a random Christmas gift I'll happily sit and crunch through a piece... or five. But my eyes certainly lit up when I saw this frozen treat on offer in Tesco, it's an almond tart topped with pieces of Toblerone.

Not that I really knew what an almond tart was, nor am I really into almonds, but this was a unique enough dessert that I just had to give it a go, and I'm glad I did. As you can see above, there are a few interesting layers throughout the tart. The top is the titular Toblerone piecess mothered in chocolate, with some creamy, chocolate covered splodges forming a kind of crust. Underneath there's a fantastic chocolate cream, a thick layer that adds a wonderful smooth texture. The bottom is the almond tart itself, it's pretty much like a cheesecake base made of almonds, and with the creamy layer in the middle the whole dessert does give off quite a cheesecake-y vibe. 

But it's certainly very nutty, not in an overwhelming way, as I very much enjoyed it despite my aversion to nuts. The Toblerone pieces on top are generously portioned, and lend a satisfying crunch to the creamy and soft nutty textures in the other layers. I definitely enjoyed this more than I thought I would, it's a chocolatey, nutty treat. Apparently there's even a Daim version around, so I'll be snagging that one up as soon as I can.

My rating: 5/5

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