Monday 2 December 2013

Today's Review: Mattessons Double Dippers

Mattessons have already established themselves in the processed chicken snack market with Fridge Raiders, their awesome little bags of different flavoured chicken pieces. But I understand that Fridge Raiders may not be quite refined enough for some people, but that's okay, because now we have Double Dippers, a foil wrapped, compartmented plastic tray containing pieces of succulent chicken, and things to dip them in. You know it's fancy because the serving suggestion depicts them being eaten with a metal fork, and there's some green stuff nestled in the corner.

Well, these are the innards, and for those of you who don't carry around cutlery utility belts at lunch, you'll be pleased to know that a plastic fork is provided. I was also pleased to find that the "double dipping" implied by the title is not the unhygienic kind, but rather due to the fact that there are two things to dip your chicken in. You spear the marinated chicken breast pieces, dip them in the creamy ranch dip, and then roll them in the crunchy breadcrumbs, before finally popping the whole lot in your mouth. 

I was dubious about how this little box would work out, but I must say I was very impressed. The chicken is juicy and quite plentiful, and I was definitely pleased with the choice of dip, as ranch is one of my favourites, and this rendition is certainly creamy and delicious. The breadcrumbs, while not particularly flavoursome, certainly add a fantastic crunchy texture, which lends to the others for a very tasty experience overall. If you find Fridge Raiders a little dry and boring, like me, then give these a go. I'll definitely pick up some more in the future.

My rating: 5/5

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