Tuesday 17 December 2013

Today's Review: Rockstar Supersours Green Apple

I reviewed the bubblegum flavour of the Rockstar Supersours range a few weeks back, and I didn't particularly find it to my liking. So, upon seeing this green apple flavour, I wondered what could possibly go wrong, apart from it being just like my previous experience of course.

Well, this flavour is certainly less sickly than the bubblegum. It certainly tastes like apple, but the very distinct sweet kind of apple you find in your regular sour sweets. So yeah, still pretty sickly, and it doesn't help that the consistency is quite syrupy. So although the flavour is alright, it doesn't really outweigh the rest of the problems with the drink. It could have been good, but it's only alright.

My rating: 3/5

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