Saturday 21 December 2013

Today's Review: Charleston Chew Strawberry

I do enjoy a Charleston Chew. I reviewed the vanilla flavour last year, but since I was pretty vague about that one, and I haven't reviewed the original, some of you may not know what a Charleston Chew is. It's basically a nougat bar covered in chocolate. The original is very chocolatey, the vanilla is nicely sweet, and now I have experienced the Charleston trifecta with this strawberry variety.

As with the other Charleston Chews, this bar is very chewy (clue's in the name). The strawberry filling tastes pretty artificial, but in a nice way. It's certainly very sweet, but not sickly. It's perhaps a bit of an odd flavour to pair with the chocolate coating, but it actually works pretty well altogether. One thing I did do with this bar is take the advice on the packaging to "try it frozen". So after about twenty minutes in the freezer I tucked into the second half of the bar. I was met with a satisfying snap, and while the bar wasn't immediately too edible, it quickly broke down from a brittle sweet treat to a soft, almost creamy goodness. 

This is a great entry in the Charleston Chew family. It's chewy, chocolatey, and pretty big to boot. You can experience it in a whole new way fresh from the freezer too. This is definitely a bar to look out for.

My rating: 5/5

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